Publication Fee

Scientific Journals is partly sponsored by some non-governmental organi-zations. Being part of open-access initiative, the published research papers are freely available to everyone and we don’t apply any subscription charg-es for our readers or libraries.

To meet the administrative and publishing costs, we cover it partially thro-ugh article publication fees. We, however, charge the author of the paper for a minimal charges of Sterling Pounds (£) 50 as publication fee for getting published their accepted research papers in the subsequent volu-mes. 

Modes of Payments 

For the ease of our authors we have various modes of payment as below:

Modes of Payments 
1 Payment Through Credit/ Debit Cards
2 Direct Payment in Bank
3 Payment Through PayPal
4 Payment through Western Union
5 Payments Through Agents

1. Payment through Credit/ Debit Cards                            

If you want to pay by Credit/ Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) you can do so though our authorised retailer Nochex® Online Payment Services by clicking the following icon of Nochex® and follow the on-screen instructions. 


a) Payment is required only in Sterling Pounds in Total Amount field i.e. 50, in this case.

b) Transactions will appear on your statements as "Nochex" name. Feel free to contact Nochex for any problem regarding payments. 

2. Direct Payment in Bank                                                  

If you wish to pay through direct payment in our UK bank account, you can do so. 

For Local Payments in UK:

Title of Account

Scientific Journals 

A/C Number

35 73 93 68

Sort Code: 

77 22 12

Bank Name:

Lloyds Bank

For Payments Outside  of UK (Overseas Payment):

Title of Account

Scientific Journals 




GB58 LOYD 7722 1235 7393 68

Bank Name:

Lloyds Bank


43 Gregory Boulevard


Nottingham, NG7 6BE


Nottinghamshire, UK

3. Payment through PayPal                                                          



Please send us email for Paypal Invoice

4. Payment through Western Union            

If you want to pay through either above method, we will provide the details on request.

5. Payment through Money Agents                                     

For the ease of authors, we have allocated various payment collecting age-nts in specific countries. 

For more information just drop us an email on